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Mud pump: how to distinguish between wear-resistant slurry pump and mud pump?

Date:2022-07-15 19:16:17

Mud pump: how to distinguish between wear-resistant slurry pump and mud pump?
1、 The transmission medium is different. Slurry pump is an earlier pump type, which is generally made of cast iron with poor wear resistance. As an important part of drilling machinery, it can only be used to transport mud or slurry containing suspended particles; The slurry pump is mainly used for conveying slurry containing slag in mining industry, and can also be used for conveying slurry, but it is rarely used. In the working process of the slurry pump, because the overflow part is more vulnerable to slurry impact, wear, corrosion, etc., the slurry pump usually adopts wear-resistant materials, such as high chromium alloy, rubber, etc., so as to form a wear-resistant slurry pump. This method can effectively reduce the internal wear of slurry pump, so most slurry pumps used in the market are wear-resistant slurry pumps.
2、 Mud pump accessories mud pump needs to be equipped with auxiliary equipment, while slurry pump does not need. When the mud pump works, it often needs to be used in conjunction with the high-pressure clean water pump. The high-pressure pump will deliver clean water with greater pressure than the mud pump to the leak proof packing to protect the packing, otherwise the sealing part will be worn; The wear-resistant slurry pump can work independently without other auxiliary equipment.
Then, the working methods are different. Slurry pump means that the motor drives the piston to move through the connecting rod mechanism, resulting in the change of the volume of the sealing chamber, forming the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pump, so as to complete the process of water absorption and drainage; When the wear-resistant slurry pump works, the motor drives the impeller to rotate, that is, the impeller works on the slurry to increase the kinetic energy of the slurry. At the same time, due to inertia acting on the edge of the impeller, the slurry is discharged by the discharge pipe at a high speed.
In addition, due to the different application media of the two pumps, their application fields will also be different. The slurry pump is mainly used for conveying the slurry of solid particles in metallurgical, electric power, mining, coal and other industrial departments, while the slurry pump has been used for conveying suspended slurry in drilling, pharmaceutical, brewing, papermaking and other industries.

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