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Introduction to valve assembly of mud pump valve body manufacturer

Date:2022-07-15 19:12:47

The valve assembly is the key component of the hydraulic end of the mud pump. The valve body assembly is composed of valve body, valve rubber, valve nut, guide frame, pressure cover, circlip, steel ball, etc. the valve assembly is disassembled from the valve seat.
According to the inner hole form of the valve seat, the valve assembly can be divided into through-hole valve, three rib valve and four rib valve. The valve body and seat of the valve assembly are carburized and quenched with high-quality 20CrMnTi steel. The surface hardness is greater than HRC60. The conical surface is ground to ensure high roughness requirements and geometric dimensions.
The four rib valve body is made of high-quality forged steel with high strength and high hardness. The rubber is fixed on the valve body through the valve nut. The valve seat has high strength and impact resistance, and is suitable for high-pressure jet drilling. Compared with the four-bar valve seat, the three ribbed valve seat has a larger displacement, which can provide directly assembled valve body and valve rubber, and has a long service life. Rubber is made of polyurethane material. The effective service time is more than 300 hours, which greatly improves the overall service life of the valve assembly.
Our company can produce various specifications of F series, 3Nb series and other series of drilling pump bodies and bases. Tens of thousands of oil fields at home and abroad are supplied every year. The valve assembly consists of a valve body assembly and a valve seat. The valve body and valve seat supplied by our company are forged from high-quality alloy steel and processed according to strict process procedures.

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