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Brief introduction of mud pump cylinder liner processing technology

Date:2022-07-15 19:07:21

Brief introduction of mud pump cylinder liner processing technology
As a vulnerable accessory of oil drilling mud pump, the cylinder liner of mud pump often needs to meet the following three conditions during processing:
First of all, we should know that the cylinder liner of mud pump belongs to thin-walled parts. Due to the poor rigidity of thin-walled parts, they are easily deformed by cutting force and clamping force in the turning process, which affects the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the key to ensure the accuracy of thin-walled parts is to reasonably select the clamping mode, tool geometric angle, cutting parameters and sufficient cooling and lubrication.
Secondly, it should be noted that the accuracy of inner and outer circles of parts is high, and rough and fine parts are separated during processing.
Third: in addition, special attention should be paid to the cylinder liner of the mud pump. When it is finally used in Z, the cylinder liner is pressed into the cylinder and should be reprocessed to the inner diameter size.
Processing technology of mud pump cylinder liner:
Outer jacket: raw material inspection - outer jacket blank processing - rough turning excircle - rough turning inner hole - Hot fitting (hot fitting inner jacket) - inner hole drilling - fine grinding - fine turning
Inner jacket: centrifugal casting - annealing - Blank turning excircle - Blank turning inner hole - Semi-finished turning excircle - quenching - nondestructive testing - hot assembly (and hot assembly of outer jacket)

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