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Precautions for maintenance of fluid end of f1600hl mud pump

Date:2022-07-15 19:22:31

Over the years, people have always believed that the hydraulic cylinder of f1600hl mud pump is a lossless part, because unlike other parts, it will not be "stabbed" by liquid.
However, in today's drilling equipment, the hydraulic cylinder of f1600hl mud pump is damaged by the increase of pressure from time to time. However, regular maintenance will make the hydraulic end parts have a reasonable service life.
The main maintenance items are as follows:
1) All valves at the outlet of f1600hl mud pump must be opened before operation. When the valve is closed, the impact load on the pump body will cause fatigue cracks. At that time, cracks may appear, but once they appear, small cracks will appear.
The process of "corrosion fatigue failure" can be started.
2) When the prime mover (diesel engine, motor and its transmission) is running at high speed, do not engage the clutch, because this will lead to unnecessary impact load, which is bad for the power and hydraulic ends.
3) Properly maintain the safety valve of f1600hl mud pump to ensure that it can be opened when the rated pressure exceeds the adjusted value. The adjustment pressure is related to the cylinder liner size. See the description in the article "shut off safety valve".
4) When serious hydraulic shock occurs, do not use the pump for a long time.
Maintain the hydraulic end correctly. When the pump is not in use or stopped for more than 10 days, it is recommended to remove the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner and other parts of the hydraulic end of f1600hl mud pump, and thoroughly clean the hydraulic end of the pump with clean water, and then wipe it clean.
Machined surfaces such as sealing rings, f1600hl mud pump cylinder liner flange threads, bonnet threads, valve seats, etc. need to be protected with grease.
Of course, the parts removed from the pump, including the cylinder liner of f1600hl mud pump and the piston of f1600hl mud pump, should also be protected. This not only prolongs the service life of the hydraulic end, but also protects the fragile parts removed from the pump, making them in a good installation and use state when reopening the pump.
The hydraulic end assembly of the triplex pump is composed of three forged cylinders, cylinder liners, valve covers and cylinder heads, suction pipes and discharge pipes.

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