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What is the basis for the correct selection of mud pump accessories?

Date:2022-07-15 19:20:42

According to the introduction of the manufacturer of mud pump valve body, brothers who understand the working principle of mud pump all know that the liner of mud pump can be said to be the central part of oil drilling mud pump. Some people in the industry regard it as the "heart" too much, because it acts as the effect of suction, discharge and storage. After reciprocating with the piston in the sealed liner, the accessories of mud pump provide power for the transmission of mud.
Because the cylinder liner of the mud pump directly touches the mud, it is often simply worn and corroded by the tiny sand particles and corrosive liquid in the mud during operation, resulting in the incomplete and unsmooth inner wall of the cylinder liner and the larger inner diameter, which makes the seal between the cylinder liner and the piston puncture and leak, resulting in the reduction of the working pressure and power of the mud pump, until it is discarded.
Therefore, the service life of the mud pump cylinder liner directly affects the normal work of the drilling rig and the drilling cost. During oil drilling, oil drilling workers need to replace the mud pump cylinder liner regularly according to the wear condition to ensure normal work.

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