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What are the characteristics and differences between sewage pump and mud pump?

Date:2022-07-15 19:19:07

The manufacturer of mud pump accessories introduces that the sewage pump belongs to a kind of centrifugal impurities, which has many forms: diving and drying. At present, the submersible sewage pump commonly used by Z is WQ type, and the dry sewage pump commonly used by Z is W-type horizontal sewage pump and WL type vertical sewage pump. It is mainly used to transport urban sewage, feces or liquids containing fiber. The temperature of solid particles (such as paper scraps) is usually lower than 80 degrees Celsius, because the conveyed medium contains fibers that are easy to wind or bundle. Therefore, the flow passage of this pump is easy to be blocked. Once blocked, the pump will not work normally, and even burn the motor, causing blockage. It has a serious impact on urban life and environmental protection. Therefore, blocking resistance and reliability are important factors affecting the operation quality of sewage pumps.
Sewage pump is mainly used for the treatment of industrial sewage and domestic sewage, which plays an important role in environmental protection. Among them, the sewage pump is also equipped with a submersible pump with a cutting wheel, so that the submersible pump can cut off the dirt and then clean up the sewage.
NL series sewage mud pump
Mud pump refers to the machine that delivers flushing fluid such as mud or water to the borehole during drilling. Mud pump is an important part of drilling equipment. No cutting impeller, mainly used for pumping mud. The two main performance parameters of mud pump are displacement and pressure. The displacement is calculated by emitting a few liters per minute. It is related to the diameter of the hole and the required speed of the flushing fluid at the bottom of the hole. In other words, the larger the diameter of the hole, the larger the displacement required. It is required that the upward and backward speed of the flushing fluid can wash the rock cuttings and rock cuttings on the drill bit out of the hole bottom in time and send them to the ground reliably. Through drilling and mining, underground mud can be obtained.
In normal circulation drilling, the ground flushing medium, clean water, mud or polymer flushing fluid is directly transmitted to the bottom of the drill bit through the high-pressure hose, and the drill string center hole is tapped under a certain pressure to cool the drill bit, remove and transport the cutting rock pig. On the surface. Ordinary mud pumps are piston or plunger type. The crankshaft of the pump is turned by the power engine. The crankshaft drives the piston or plunger back and forth in the pump cylinder through the crosshead. Under the alternating action of suction valve and discharge valve, the purpose of pressurizing and circulating flushing liquid is realized.

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