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Mechanical maintenance of piston pump and piston pump

Date:2022-07-15 18:59:57

According to the manufacturer of mud pump accessories, the total reciprocating stroke l of the plunger pump remains unchanged, which is determined by the cam lift. The amount of oil supplied to the plunger in each cycle depends on the oil supply stroke, which is variable without camshaft control. The start time of oil supply does not change with the change of oil supply stroke. Rotating the plunger can change the end time of oil supply, thus changing the amount of oil supply. When the plunger pump works, the cam on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump and the plunger spring force the plunger to move up and down to complete the pumping task. The pumping process can be divided into the following two stages.
Oil inlet process
When the protruding part of the cam is removed, the plunger moves downward under the action of spring force, and the upper space of the plunger (called pump oil chamber) generates vacuum. When the upper end of the plunger opens the oil inlet hole on the plunger sleeve, the diesel injected into the oil passage of the upper body of the pump enters the pump oil chamber through the oil hole, and the plunger moves to the bottom dead center.
Oil return process
When the chute on the plunger (stop supply side) is connected with the oil return hole on the sleeve, the low-pressure oil circuit of the pump chamber is connected with the middle and radial holes and chute on the plunger head, and the oil pressure drops sharply. The oil outlet valve closes quickly under the action of spring force to stop oil supply. After that, the plunger will rise. When the protruding part of the cam is removed, the plunger will fall again under the action of the spring. Then the next cycle begins. Plunger pump is based on the principle of plunger. There are two check valves on the plunger pump. In the opposite direction, when the plunger moves in one direction, there is negative pressure in the cylinder. When the check valve is opened, the liquid is drawn into the cylinder. When the plunger moves in the other direction, another one-way valve opens and sucks in the cylinder after the liquid is compressed. The liquid in the cylinder is discharged. Continuous oil supply is formed after continuous movement in this working mode.

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