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Rotary percussion drilling technology for oil drilling and production

Date:2022-07-15 11:49:43

Drilling is an irreplaceable link in oil drilling and production. The quality of drilling technology directly affects the quantity and quality of oil drilling and production. This paper introduces a new oil drilling and production technology - rotary percussion drilling technology.
The principle of rotary percussion drilling is that on the basis of ordinary rotary drilling, a hydraulic impactor is placed on the upper part of the drill bit to convert the pressure energy of drilling fluid into high-frequency percussion energy, so that the drill bit rotates with the drill string under a certain WOB, and at the same time, it is affected by the high-frequency impact force of the impactor. Under the combined action of rotation and percussion, the rock is broken and the rock breaking efficiency is improved.
Rotary percussion drilling technology is a new drilling technology. Its new ideas and good performance will help to improve the deep well drilling technology to a new level, and the development prospect of oil rotary percussion drilling technology is broad.
At present, great attention has been paid to rotary percussion drilling technology in the field of oil and gas drilling at home and abroad. Rotary percussion drilling technology has developed rapidly in the world, and a variety of rotary percussion drilling technology tools - impactor have been developed, which has achieved remarkable results in improving the penetration rate of hard rock machinery in the field of oil and gas drilling. This technology can greatly improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the drilling cost, and will play an important role in deep well and hard formation drilling. Its popularization and application are not limited by field conditions, and only need to add hydraulic impactor to the existing drilling combination, which is convenient and reliable.
At present, rotary percussion drilling technology has not been applied to deep wells, ultra deep wells and high-density drilling fluids. With the rapid development of oil and gas development in China, the exploration of new areas is expanding, the drilling depth is increasing, the formation is older and older, and more and more hard formations are drilled. The main problems faced by deep and ultra deep wells are the slow penetration rate of machinery and the low efficiency of hard rock drilling in deep-sea drilling.
In order to give full play to the advantages of rotary percussion drilling technology in accelerating the drilling speed in deep and complex formations, reducing drilling costs and improving wellbore quality, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on rotary percussion drilling technology, develop bits matching rotary percussion drilling, develop downhole monitoring system of impactor, establish rotary percussion drilling simulation test device, and form a mature rotary percussion drilling technology.
The jet impactor with energy storage mechanism and pre tightening mechanism adopts a new mechanical energy storage converter, which can reduce the return stroke impact, uniform flow, improve the energy utilization rate of the hydraulic impactor, so as to obtain a higher single impact energy, and effectively solve the technical problems of waste of return stroke energy and insufficient stroke energy.

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