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Installation, start-up and operation of petroleum machinery mud pump

Date:2022-07-15 11:48:11

(1) Installation
1. The mud pump shall be kept horizontal, and the horizontal deviation shall not exceed 3mm, so as to facilitate the normal oil supply of the lubricating oil passage at the power end during operation and ensure the normal operation of the driving triangle belt; The requirements for chain transmission are more strict. The large and small sprockets of the pump are required to be installed on the same base, and different bases should be rigidly connected.
2. The position of the pump should be as low as possible, and the position of the mud tank should be as high as possible to facilitate suction.
3. The suction pipe Z of the pump is easy to use, with a small diameter of 250mm. The length is between 2.1 ~ 3.8m, straight without 900 sharp bends, so as to reduce the friction and inertia loss in the suction pipe.
4. The connection between the suction pipe and the mud tank cannot be directly below the mud when it returns to the tank, so as to avoid sucking in the sediment at the bottom of the tank.
5. Firmly support all suction and discharge pipelines to prevent them from bearing additional external loads and reduce vibration. Never allow the pipeline to hang on the pump due to insufficient support.
6. The suction system cannot tolerate any air leakage, which is a major problem related to the normal operation of the mud pump.
(2) Start
1. To start a new pump or an old pump that has been stopped for a long time, first of all, clean the oil pan, lubricating oil groove, oil passage and the space around the crosshead at the power end, add ckc320 or CkC220 medium load extreme pressure industrial gear oil, open each inspection cover before starting, and add oil to the pinion, bearing and crosshead oil groove, so that all friction surfaces of the pump are lubricated before starting.
2. Check whether the spray pump, water tank and spray pipeline are clean and normal. When it is necessary to use tap water for cooling, the water pressure should be greater than 0.5kg, and the cooling water volume of each mud pump should not be less than 6 cubic meters per hour. When the ambient temperature is higher and the pump pressure is higher, the cooling water volume should be increased. Often touch the outer wall of the cylinder liner by hand to master the heat dissipation of the cylinder liner. Generally, it is appropriate to feel cool by hand. If circulating water is used, it will be precipitated, filtered and naturally cooled, and the water inlet temperature should generally not exceed 20 ℃.
3. Tighten the bolts of the main bearing cap of the crankshaft at the power end and all fasteners on the valve box; There shall be no leakage at the sealing parts of the bellows, the pump intermediate rod and the positioning plate, so as to prevent the cooling water from entering the power end.
4. Check whether all valves on the mud pipeline are in the correct operation state before startup.
5. Check whether the inflation pressure of the discharged pre pressure air bag meets the requirements.
6. Check whether the pump pressure gauge and safety valve (especially the safety pin) are normal.
7. Open the valve cover, fill the suction valve box with clean water or mud, and remove the air.
8. When starting, slowly increase the pump speed to avoid cavitation in the cylinder.
9. When the mud density is high, the air content is high, and the viscosity is high, the pump should run at medium or low speed as far as possible to avoid adverse suction.
10. After starting, the drilling pump shall be inspected immediately. In case of abnormal local temperature rise, abnormal sound or air leakage in the suction pipe, the pump shall be stopped immediately, the cause shall be found out and rectification shall be carried out.
(3) Operation
1. The key to make the triplex single acting drilling pump play a good role in operation is to use as large a piston as possible on the premise of meeting the pump pressure requirements; On the premise of meeting the displacement requirements, use the lowest possible pump speed (impulse / minute). In other words, on the premise of meeting the requirements of drilling technology and within the allowable range of technical performance of drilling pump, try to use large piston and low pump speed.
2. Carefully observe whether the cylinder liner moves back and forth and whether the piston rod clamp makes a sound during the reciprocating movement. If abnormal conditions are found, deal with them quickly. Check and tighten the fasteners of each part in time.
3. Check whether there is leakage at each high-pressure sealing part, and whether there is pricking leakage or abnormal impact sound at the pump valve. If any abnormality is found, deal with it in time.
4. Pay close attention to pump pressure changes. If it is found that the pump pressure fluctuates violently, increases or decreases suddenly, find out the cause quickly and deal with it properly.
5. Pay attention to the lubrication, temperature rise and cooling of the operating parts (especially the bearing parts), check whether the lubricating oil and cooling water are deteriorated, and if abnormal conditions are found, find out the causes and take measures.
6. Pay attention to whether the sound of each operating part is normal.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use pistons with two diameters in a triplex pump, or use a triplex pump as a double cylinder pump.
8. Overload operation is strictly prohibited. When it operates below 80% of the rated power and 75% of the rated high pump pressure, it is the best operation state of Z.
9. Avoid long-term operation below 50% of the rated power and below 100 atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the mechanical efficiency of the drilling pump decreases sharply, which is an uneconomical operation state.
When this series of drilling pump operates according to the above recommended operating parameters, it is allowed to operate continuously, and its reliability and economy can be fully guaranteed.
10. The basic points of normal operation of drilling pump are: three "middle", three "no", and two "normal".
Three "medium": medium power, medium pump pressure, medium speed operation;
Three "no": no looseness in fastening, no leakage in sealing and no fluctuation in pump pressure;
Two "normal": normal temperature and sound.

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