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SINCE 1997, HNA has been an integrated engineering & manufacturing specialist recognized worldwide for its unique High Pressure, Designing & Integrating Technology and high quality products in the O&G industry, by carrying out HNA L-Shaped Fluid End Upgrading Conversion for fluid end of Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex pumps, which are 100% applicable to HNA pumps and most of the global famous pump brands, and customized design and production available.


* One Piece I-Shaped Module Upgrading into Two Piece L-Shaped Module

HNAs two-piece L-shaped fluid end modules have been recognized worldwide with our unique world leading high pressure fluid end products technology, and HNA fluid end converting technology is backed up by our best warranty and proven applications on the global market.

The L-shaped two-piece fluid end gained its approval from the market over 40 years ago with its significant structural improvement over one piece modules. As the suction module is separate from the discharge module, it is then feasible to replace the suction module when it wears out instead of replacing the complete fluid end.

Meanwhile, to change valves or seats on a two piece module is also much easier,safer and faster than replacing valves or seats on a one piece module.

* 5000 Psi Fluid End Upgrading into 7500 Psi Fluid End

HNA sees the market demand for 7500 psi drilling has continued to increase, while understands more operators and contractors seek to complete wells much more faster and efficiently. HNA has the expertise and capability to convert existing valve-on-valve 5000 Psi pump fluid end with our proven L-shaped two piece 7500 Psi  upgrades. Besides, a typical conversion package also includes upgrading of liner retainer system,high pressure discharge cross strainer,high pressure discharge manifold and 7500 Psi pulsation dampener etc,.

*Disadvantages of Valve-On-Valve I-shaped Fluid End:

- Normally 5000 Psi

- More expensive to maintain

- When wear occurs, entire fluid end must be replaced

- Difficult and time consuming to change valves

- Finite element stress analysis reveals design is susceptible to cracking


Advantages of HNA L-Shaped Fluid End:

- 5000 Psi and 7500 Psi at your options

- Less expensive and easier to maintain

- Can change suction or discharge module individually at much lower maintenance cost

- Designed to operate with liner wear plate

- Much easier to change the valves and seats

- Better design in stress distribution and more structural metal to support internal pressures

* HNA has the experience, technical know-how and right products to guide you through the 7,500 PSI conversion maze. We have the expertise and capacity to carry out the 7500 Psi L-shaped fluid end conversion for:


HHF F1600





2-1-1valve on valve straight I型阀箱.jpg

Valve-On-Valve Straight Type Fluid End Module

2-1-2 L shaped L型阀箱 .jpg

L-Shaped Two Piece Fluid End Module

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