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SINCE 1997, HNA has been an integrated engineering & manufacturing specialist recognized worldwide for its unique World Leading HIGH PRESSURE Technology,  CERAMIC Technology, and HIGH PRESSURE FORGING, WORLD TOP CLASS HEAT TREATMENT & PRECISE MACHINING Technology, & high quaity products in the O&G industry, by designing and fabricating HNA Advanced High Pressure Ceramic Plungers for Triplex and Quintuplex plunger pumps, which are 100% interchangeable to most of the global famous brands: Halliburton, Weir SPM, Gardner Denver,Oilwell, FMC, OFM, Cooper OPI, SJ, Serva, JR, SANY & other major types of models, and customized design and production available.

HNA Advanced High Pressure Ceramic Plunger is significantly harder than metal plunger, and are tougher than any other ceramic liner available. The pure Zirconia ceramic used in these plungers are extremely resistant to abrasion,corrosion and heat and are currently the premium plungers offered today in its type. Due to the high hardness and low friction of the ceramic surface, they wear substantially less than other plunger types when the correct conditions are present, and greatly benefits the end users in reducing operation cost.


* High Pressure Forged Plunger Core  

AISI 4135(35CrMo), AISI 5140 (40Cr) 

(Or customized material)

* World Top Class Heat Treatment ensuring best mechanical properties (Tensile, Yield, Charpy Impact, Elongation etc) and Abrasion, Temperature & Corrosion Resistance Performance Exceeding API Standard for extended service life  

* World Top Class Precise Machining Crafts offer high precision machined dimensions for a close tolerance fit ensures best matching with cylinder

* Advanced Zirconia Based Ceramic Sleeve

* Sleeve Hardness > 92 HRC

*Temperature Resistance Range: 20-350F

* Extremely Perfect performance of corrosion & abrasion resistance

* The micro structure obtained by unique machining means in ceramic plunger working face has self-lubricating effect, which changes the sliding friction and lubrication mechanism of traditional metal plunger

* The inner cavity surface adopts fluid structure, no dead angle and groove. The inner cavity surface and plunger surface are machined to mirror finish with advanced high precision internal and external grinder. The outer surface is vibrated and polished, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection
* The product structure is fine sealed and easy to disassemble
* Rated Pressure up to 20,000 PSI

*Extremely Long Service Life

* Fully interchangeable with major plunger types,

Available Size: 2.5(63.5mm)--6.5(165.1mm)

* Wide Applications: HNA Advanced High Pressure Ceramic products could be widely used for mining machinery, cross tunnel machinery, civil construction machinery, heavy duty trucks & special trucks and other heavy machinery applications

* Product Series:

HNA-PF-PZ: HNA Advanced High Pressure Ceramic Plunger,

 Available Size: 2.5(63.5mm)--6.5(165.1mm)

Customized Specific Design & Series of HNA Advanced High Pressure Ceramic Plunger, API/Non-API Standard

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  • Tel:+86-532-58628177, 58628118

  • Address:No.39 Xinghe Road, Lancun Industrial Zone, Jimo, Qingdao, China

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