Advanced Zirconia Liner

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* World Leading CERAMIC Technology
* World Leading HIGH PRESSURE Technology
* Pure Zirconia content > 95% & Sleeve Hardness > 92 HRC
* Extremely Long & Reliable Service Life> 10,000 Hours
* Huge saving of operation & maintenance cost
* Fully interchangeable with world major liner types
* Wide Applications in heavy machinery industries of Zirconia products

Ni-Cr High Pressure

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SINCE 1997,HNA has been an integrated engineering & manufacturing specialist recognized worldwide for its unique World Leading CERAMIC Technology and high quality products in the O&G industry, by designing and fabricating HNA Advanced Zirconia Liners for Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex pumps, which are 100% interchangeable to most of the global famous brands: Bomco, Honghua, TSC, Weatherford, Ellis Williams, Gardner Denver, Emsco , National, Oilwell, Ideco, Drillmec & other major types of models, and customized design and production available.

HNA Advanced Zirconia Liners are significantly harder than Chromium alloy bimetallic liners, and are tougher than any other ceramic liner available. The pure Zirconia ceramic used in these liners are extremely resistant to abrasion,corrosion and heat and are currently the premium liner offered today in its type. Due to the high hardness of the ceramic surface, they wear substantially less than other liner types and operate over 10,000 hours when the correct conditions are present. The cost per operating hour can be much less than (only 1/5 as) that of the bimetal liner types, as well as only 1/5 consumption of pistons, which greatly benefits the end users in reducing operation cost.


*  Forged & World Top Class Heat Treated Outer Hull of AISI 4135(35CrMo)
(Or customized material)
*  Pure Zirconia Based Ceramic Inner Sleeve: Zirconia > 95%.
*  Sleeve Hardness > 92 HRC
* Rated for drilling operation Pressure from 5000 PSI up to 7500 PSI
* Temperature Resistance Range: 20-350F
*  HP patent lip design to prevent inner sleeve slipping
* Extremely Long Service Life > 10,000 Hours

* Fully interchangeable with major liner types, Available Size: 3”(75mm)--8”(200mm)

* Wide Applications: HNA Advanced Zirconia Liners could be widely used for mining machinery, cross tunnel machinery, civil construction machinery, heavy duty trucks & special trucks and other heavy machinery applications

*  Product Series:

HNA-FE-L-AZ: HNA Advanced Zirconia Liner: Available Size: 3”(75mm) -- 8”(200mm)

Customized Specific Design & Series of HNA Advanced Zirconia Liner, API/Non-API Standard

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